We have some amazing women who have had success as business owners and they want you to know if they could you can too.

Aaliyah D, Executive VA, JM

The info, guidance, and value received from this session were seriously worth 5 times the cost but that is what you get in a certified experienced teacher who launched & scaled a successful online service-based business in this industry.

I wasn’t expecting to get any traffic, see any traction or get any inbox from potential clients 24 HOURS after the session when I took her advice & made one tweak and this has been consistently happening ever since this audit (now 9 days after). I have seen progress & success every time I make a purchase from Serve & Profit. Destiny knows what she is doing. I can’t wait to see what will happen after the implementation of the other 70% of her advice.

I was taught to find & own my unique professional skillset & value, improve on that skill and embrace it. It is working & as a result, my self-confidence skyrocketed. Once you do your part and put in the hard work, you will see success from her consultations. I always get results from her products & services.

Unlike many other coaching businesses that just sell information, it is safe to say that this business sells PERSONALIZED solutions that you cannot find on Google or Youtube

Dayna P, Virtual Assistant, JM

Destiny is the definition of motivation with an incredible coaching style to enhance your business with the different programs she offers. Which I strongly recommend for persons who are unsure of where to head with their business. Destiny has something for everyone to win.

Yanick B, Project Mgt, JM

The number one thing I love about Destiny is that she is honest and gives step-by-step directions on how to reach your specific business goals. In each coaching session, I walked away with clear instructions feeling confident and reassured that Destiny has my best interest at heart. I never believed in Coaches until I met her.

Kristal G, Customer Success, JM

I love working with Destiny because she is simply amazing. She is an expert in her field and I have learned so much from her. She is dedicated and hard-working and has helped me to improve my skills as VA.

Working with DESTINY has opened my eyes to the world to not just a better way of doing business, but a better of thinking, and a better way of life.
Aray B.
I love working with Destiny because she provides assurance. She helped me to clarify the questions that I needed answers to so that I could prepare for the start of my business.
Julisa S.
It has been a pleasure working with Destiny. She is definitely an amazing coach and very dedicated to her work. She inspires me to do more and helped m get organized.
Shanecia M.
I was in a job I thought was secure and then the pandemic hit and I lost everything. I wanted to start an online business but had no idea where to begin until I started working with Destiny. She helped me set a foundation for success and growth. Now I have consistent $5K months… You read that right 5K! More than I ever made at my job. Thank you, Des!
Sarah H.
It's been a joy working with Destiny. She's snappy, and professional, and goes above and beyond to accomplish the needs of her internal and external customers! highly recommended!
Kamani B.
The intensive was my first ever internet coaching and I loved it. I received a step-by-step guide that has helped me improve my business tremendously. Gracias Destiny.
Lily M.